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Tonight (July 7th) is Tanabata! According to legend, it’s the only night of the year when the two celestial lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi can cross the Milky Way to meet (as long as it doesn’t rain…).

Anyway, on Tanabata, Japanese people write wishes or prayers on little pieces of paper called tanzaku. Yana did a few illustrations about what the Phantomhive household wishes for on Tanabata.

(Also, I literally translated this a year ago in 2013, but I finished it too late for Tanabata, so I’ve been saving it… For an entire year.)

  • Illustration 1:

Ciel’s tanzaku: “To be able to obtain revenge.”

Sebastian: Since I will grant that for you, perhaps another wish would be better…

  • Illustration 2:

The Phantomhive household’s wishes written on tanzaku:

"Do your work without playing around." — Sebastian

"For this year’s warm days to continue" — Snake [written down by Tanaka]

"For my butler’s unpleasantness and belittling to lessen" — Ciel

"I wish for everybody to be able to stay (be) healthy" — Finny

"That I will become good at sweeping the floor" — Maylene

"To get to where I’m able to make omelets" — Bard

"Good health; safety of the household" — Tanaka

Translation by phantom-smile @ tumblr. If you spot any mistakes, please send me a message!

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